The Quadifier King Cobra is a 5 inch race frame that is designed to be nimble, agile, and efficient. I have always been a picky person when deciding on a frame. The King Cobra is a frame that fit all of my requirements. It has the strength and looks to make your jaw drop.



    Designed for 20x20 stacks

    Stretch X for more efficient flight

    Gopro mounts available

    5mm arms

    Fits only nano 14x14 size cameras


Stretch X geometry

    This frame is designed with a stretch X geometry which gives you much more efficient forward flight allowing you to fly longer.


Antenna Mount

    A new type of video mount was created for this special frame. The new antenna mount holds the VTX antenna inside the frame (Foxeer Nano Lollipop only). After testing, it does not decrease range. It does make the build a lot cleaner while protecting the antenna from the propellors. The mount also carries the RX antennas in a 3d printed holder. A normal VTX antenna mount is on the way for people that dont like the new style.


Stack Height

    The slammed option is a much harder build as it requires everything to be fit tightly inside the frame. The normal option is for people who would like a traditonal style frame.


My personal race setup:

    Talon Giga fusion stack

    Foxeer nano predator

    Foxeer Nano lollipop

    Talon 2207.5

    Azure power 5148

    Tbs unify 


Package contents:

    King Cobra frame


    TPU nano camera mount

    TPU Nano lollipop antenna mount

King Cobra